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Lovian Inc FMCG & Tech Holding Company


Cheyenne Koh Physio Student


Mildred Ho Movement Health Specialist

Lovian Inc.

Lovian Inc. is the holding company of multiple consumer package brands & technology services in Indonesia.


Founder Maxim Mulyadi had been certified as a Scaling Up coach and wanted to deliver the Outthinker Process IDEAS Workshop to the leaders of his parent company and its subsidiaries. His original plan was to use a hodge-podge of tools, including Microsoft Excel, Miro and Adobe Acrobat, that would allow his colleagues to ideate and fill in information. He knew Notion could replace these tools, but he was unable to put a Notion workspace together over a weekend in time for the first workshop on Monday.


Rui Qing's Solution

For a complex workshop, streamlining the information for easy access is key to lowering the barrier to learning.

I organised the workshop information into 4 content types:

  • Workshop overview for the facilitator
  • Guide and instructions for the participants
  • Overview of all the participants’ work for the facilitator
  • Individual assignments for the participants

With such categorisation, the facilitator and the participants could access and focus on only the information relevant to them at any point. This thus reduced information overload and distraction for higher efficiency and engagement. The facilitator and the participants could also pull all the information back together for an overview. I also ensured that the information flowed according to the workshop proceedings so that it was aligned seamlessly with the learning.

Participants had not used Notion previously and were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to view and fill in the results of their ideation into the prepared databases.

One senior leader estimated that the workspace increased his focus on ideation by 20% – a significant increase for time-scarce leaders.

Cheyenne Koh

Cheyenne is a physiotherapy student at the Singapore Institute of Technology.


Cheyenne did not have a cohesive system to organise the demands of university, such as managing project deadlines and taking useful notes for revision. She had tried Notion but did not know how to develop a workspace that suited her needs.


Rui Qing's Solution

After discussion, we concluded that an adaptation of August Bradley’s Notion PPV Operating System (OS) would work for Cheyenne. As a comprehensive framework, the PPV OS provides many components, which would enable Cheyenne to set and align her principles, goals, outcomes and actions.

The modifications made to the PPV OS included adding new school-relevant vaults like Modules and Language, and Physiotherapy vaults like Clinical Conditions, Physiotherapy Tests and Exercises.

Physiotherapy students have to memorise many technical terms and theoretical concepts. While PPV OS had a Notes vault, I customised it to be linked to Modules, with relevant colour coding to help with active recall of specific content needed for exams.

The consolidated system has helped Cheyenne keep track of her life and schoolwork. She was also able to abandon the previous system, the external ANKII system, and use Notion as the system for practising for active recall.

A video of Cheyenne presenting her Notion workspace

Mildred Ho

Movement Health Specialist at WorkLiftBalance.


Mildred wanted an entire workspace reorganisation that would help her realign her life goals, track workouts and store her fitness-related knowledge. She had tried Notion, but being a busy coach, she could not afford the time to figure out the best way to organise her workspace.

Rui Qing's Solution

I implemented August Bradley’s Notion PPV Operating System (OS) with some add-ons. The PPV OS has a well-defined structure, which would allow Mildred to systematically align her life goals, projects and daily actions.

As a Movement Health Specialist and coach, she needs to train with and practise exercises while tracking their impact. I created a custom Workouts Database for tracking these exercises. Here, Mildred lists her workouts and uploads videos of her practices. With this database, she is able to assess her performance in certain movements over time.

The PPV OS comes with a central tag system, which means that Mildred can link up information on related topics from Notes, Courses and Books.

With all information consolidated into one system, Mildred has become a lot more organised. She is now better able to keep track of the various information that she needs to function optimally as a busy coach.