Services by RestQ



What this looks like:

  • Discuss if Notion would fit you
  • Discuss specific aspects of your workspace
  • Strategise how to further develop your workspace
  • Ask specific Notion questions that you have

Who is this best for:

  • You're not sure about committing to a full custom Notion build
  • You need insight into how your Notion workspace can flow better
  • You have specific Notion questions that you want to ask
  • You want to try working with me and see if we're a good fit

Cost: USD180

Duration: 1 hour and the next 3 working days of email support (excluding Fridays)


CUSTOM WORKSPACES (Book a Discovery call)

What this looks like:

  • A custom Notion workspace that suits you and/or your company

Who is this best for:

  • You want to focus on the bigger picture, do less and accomplish more
  • You've already used Notion and know that it can do SO MUCH MORE
  • You're ready to invest time to work with me and organise your systems

What will happen during the Discovery call:

  1. Sharing your needs / requirements for a Notion workspace
  2. Assessing if we are a good fit to work together